Established in 1997, China Qingdao Hongjin Chemical Company is specialized in manufacturing & exporting chemicals and metals. We have a long, successful history of meeting customer needs by specializing in the development of superior chemicals and pure quality metals......more  
  China Qingdao Hong Jin Chemical Co.,Ltd.  
  Add: 2nd Building,8 Shangqing Road,  
  Tel: +86-532-83657313  
  Fax: +86-532-83628240  
  Hong Jin can provide the custom synthesis. The company has high-quality professional R & D personnel, and be in good relationship and cooperation with top universities and colleges.  
  Hong jin has research and development laboratory and pilot plant. Meanwhile,Our company has various equipment for small-scale and large-scale production. We can produce various compounds in the quantity from a few grams up to tens of kilos and even more.  

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