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Goal statement: Our company will provide dedicated, personalized customer service, which will ensure the manufacture and promotion of high quality products so at to meet or exceed customer expectations.
Established in 1997, China Qingdao Hongjin Chemical Company is specialized in manufacturing & exporting chemicals and metals. We have a long, successful history of meeting customer needs by specializing in the development of superior chemicals and pure quality metals. Our dedicated service staff, which includes renowned experts and scholars, has established an international trade organization which includes such countries as: the USA, Germany, Australia, Japan, and South Korea, among others. Thus, our company enjoys a favorable reputation at home and abroad.
The company has many manufacturing bases in Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu and so on. These bases specialize in production and contract manufacturing.Dealing mainly with products such as Liquid Crystal, Electroceramics Formulated powder(Titanate), Flame retardant, Food and Feed additives, Pharmaceutical and Dye intermediates, Organic and Inorganic chemical and etc. Specilly CS powder,CAS No.2698-41-1, purity(HPLC) 99% with REACH Full Registration.
We can provide the custom synthesis and contract manufacturing. Superior technical force and excellent means of testing, it has won the recognition of clients. 
It is our hope that China Qingdao Hongjin Chemical Company, will enable the expansion of your business enterprise through the use of our quality products, competitive pricing and dedicated customer service.

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