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Sodium hexafluorosilicate

CAS No.:    16893-85-9

Molecular formula:   Na2SiF6


It is used in manufacture of yellow fireworks. Also, it is one of widely-used fluosilicates in buildings and building materials industry, mainly used as enamel cosolvent, glass opacifier, coagulator for acid-resistant plaster and acid resisting concrete and wood preservative, and used for water treatment. 


Test Items Quality
Appearance White Crystalline powder
 Content (Na2SiF6) 98.5% min.
Loss on drying (at 105ºC) 0.40% max.
Free acid (HCl) 0.15% max.
Chloride (Cl) 0.02% max.
Sieve residue 250um 10% max.

Package:   25kg plastic woven bag with one-ply plastic bag, with pallets.

Hazard Class:  6.1          UN No. 2674

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