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Dithiocarbamate ES(SN9#)

Main content:    Sodium diethyl dithiocarbamate

CAS No.               148-18-5

Molecular Formula:   C5H10NNaS2

Structure formula:  


Description:    White to slight grey yellow flowing crystallization or powder forms, soluble in water and decompostion in acid mediator solution.

Application:    It is an effective collector for copper,lead,antimonite and other sulfide minerals with better collectivity than xanthate and dithiophosphate. If it is used in flotation under high alkali conditions. It can improve the separation flotation effect between lead and zinc with little or without any cyanide. This reagent is also used for rubber vulcanization improve agent.


Sodium diethyl dithiocarbamate
94% min.
Free alkali
0.6% max.

Packing:    200KG Plastic drum or 1000KG IBC drum.

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