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Nonivamide (PAVA)

Synonyms:   Pelargonyl Vanillylamide; Capsaicin,Synthetic 

CAS No:         2444-46-4

Molecular Formula:   C17H27NO3

Structrual Formula:



PAVA produced by chemcial synthesis mothods. The synthesis of capsaicin in price and spicy than natural capsaicin has the absolute advantage. This product is non-toxic, environmental protection, pollution-free, high content of active ingredients, add a small amount, long period of validity.  

White or like-white power. Molecular weight: 293.4; Melting point: 56-58 ºC; Decomposition temperature: 340 ºC, the products can be well dissolved in alcohol and organic solvents.    


Used in the production of drugs: the town of pain, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, frostbite, sterilization, rheumatism and other drugs for external use; used as a pollution-free spicy antifouling paint additives in marine coatings production; used in environmental protection green biological pesticides in agricultural production; such as adding to the electric wire, cable, fiber optic cable sheath can prevent the corrosion damage of mice., termites; termite coatings used in the production of building materials. Also, as the main ingredients in the manufacturing of Capsaicin spray for self-defense and etc. This product is widely used, has a good development prospect. 

Purity(HPLC):   95% min.  98% min. 99% min.  99.5%min.   


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