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Phenolic moulding plastics

Phenolic moulding plastics

(Fiberglass reinforced phenolic moulding plastic for insulating)


FX-501                                                              FX-502


No. Test Items Specifications
FX-501 FX-502
1 Flexual Strengh Mpa≥ 130 450
2 Impact strength(without gap) KJ/m2 45 180
3 Tensile strength Mpa≥ 80 300
4 Water absorbability mg≤ 20 20
5 Shrinkage rate %≤ 0.15 /
6 Resin content %≥ 38-42 38-42
7 Break Down Voltage KV/mm≥ 14 14
8 Density g/cm3 1.65-1.85 1.70-1.85
9 Volatility roportion % 3.0-7.5 3.0-7.0
10 Heat Resistance by Martens ?≥ 280 280
11 Color Yellow to brown Yellow
12 Appearance Floc, irregular anddisorderly short fiber, granularmaterial, the lengharound 10mm.

Also, we can supply the FX-502, FX-503 and other grades product.

Using direction:
1. The Method of Moulding: Compression molding.
2. Set the dry mould on the the pressure machine, open the machine and make the mould heating, the temperature should be 160C.
3. Beforehand, you should calculate the proper quantity of the materials in the mould.
4. Preheating the materials for 3-10 min as the temperature of 80-100C.
5. Put the materials in the mould, and close the mould.
6. Press the mould with the pressure of 45±5MPa, and holding them for 1-3 min (according to the thickness). If it is necessary, you can have to deflate 1-3 times.
7. Open the mould, and the materials will be formed.

The above parameters for reference only, since the user produce workpieces of different shapes, different production conditions to determine the molding process, through the experiments to products qualified shall prevail.

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