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Raw materials:  Para-dichlorobenzene (PDCB) Camphor     



The mothball which is made of PDCB (Para-dichlorobenzene), camphor or Naphthalene can prevent your cloth from damaging by moth and mildew. It is used

as a moth and beetle repellant in products which are applied to commercial and residential use sites such as closets and storage containers, and to repel lice and mites from bird cages. It is also used in empty bee supers (Stored indoor), to repel wax moths. When formulated into varpal rope, it is used in attics to repel snakes, mice, rat, squirrels, and attic wombats.

Meanwhile, the PDCB deodorizer can also be used as the fragrantsubstance and the mildew-prevention agent in the washing room, urinal, shoes cabinet.


We can offer all the shapes, sizes of anti-moth products, such as ball, tablet, and cake.

At the same times, there are various fragrances for you to choose, as the fruit fragrance, flower fragrance.

Different packages according to your requirements are also available.

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