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Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate

CAS No.    25306-75-6

Molecular Formula:  C5H9NaOS2

Structure formula:   


Description:     slight yellow or grey yellow free flowing powder or pellet and soluble in water,pungent odour

Application:      It is low cost and powerful collector for flotation treatment of sulfide multimetallic ores, specially used in natural circuit for copper ores and pyrite. It is applicable as a vulcanization accelerator for rubber industry and precipitant in wetting metallurgical industry.



Xanthate purity
90.0% min
Free alkali
0.2% max
Moisture & volatile
4.0% max.


Packing:     110KG-180KG drum, 850KG-900KG Wooden box, 25-50KG Bags.

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