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Artemia cysts



Artemia cysts contains a large number of yolk, and are rich in protein and fat (containing about 65% protein and containing about 20% fat). the adult is also very high nutrient content. So the artemia cysts is the high-quality natural food of the fish, shrimp and crab.


Temperature:        28 - 30ºC
PH Value:               8-9
Salinity of Hatching Water:  Seawater with salinity of 20‰
Light Condition:    Continuous whole-course lighting with 1000~2000 lux
Air Charging:         The charging amount shall be 0.25-0.35 litre of air perminute per litre of water, and then gradually increasethe air-charging amount to ensure that the eggs are fully floating in the water.                                                                       

Density:                   2.5 ~ 3.0 grams of eggs per litre of seawater
Hatching Period:   24 hours
Storage:                  The product should be stored at zero degrees centigrade, and protected from direct sunlight.
Net content:           425g
Date of Production:  Shown on the top cover.


Test Items AA A B
Hatchability(%) 90 min 80 min 70 min
Moisture(%) 10 max  10 max   10 max
Impurity(%)  1 max   1 max   1 max
Protein  65 min  --- ---
Fat 24  --- ---
Nauplii (per kilogram) 4 3.5 3



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