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TBBPA carbonate oligomer BC52


CAS No.    


Product name

TBBPA carbonate oligomer BC52

Chemical name

  Phenoxy-terminated tetrabromobisphenol-A carbonate oligomer

Molecular Formula


Structural Formula


This product is a suitable flame retardant in PBT, PET, PET/PBT blends, PC, ABS, ABS/PC blends, Polysulfone, and SAN. The UV stability of this product allows it to be formulated for applications subjected to indoor fluorescent and casual outdoor sunlight exposure. It's high purity allows its use applications requiring excellent electrical and thermal properties.


Appearance:                          White powder

Melting point:                         190-220 ºC

Bromine Content:                 52% min.

Thermal weight loss(1%):  370 ºC

volatile(125 ºC):                     0.2% max.


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