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Cooper Tubes


The application of vacuum melting technology,our tubes are of superior quality: Stable chemical composition, precise dimensions, clean, smooth and bright at both inner and outer surface. Good mechanical properties,free from defects such as blowholes, cracks, pin hole leaks, etc.

1.  Copper-Nickel tube ( White Copper tube)


Alloy No.
OD Range
Wall Range
C70400, C70600, C71500,
C71640, C74000, C75200
3mm to 70mm
0.2mm to 5mm


Specific character and Application:

Having good corrosion resistance,especially,good corrosion resistance in sea water, and suitable for higher temperature service. Applicable to condenser for ship, heat and water supply, chemical industry, desalinator, etc.
Copper Alloy UNS Nos. C70600 and C71640 are standard specifications for seamless Copper Nickel Tubes for Water Desalting Plants.


2.  Brass tube


Alloy No.
OD Range
Wall Range
C2200, C2300, C26000,
C27000, C27200, C33000,
C44300, C68700
3mm to 70mm
0.2mm to 10mm


Specific character and Application:
C22000 and C23000 have fine gloss, good flaring and bending properties,drawability and weathering resistance. Applicable to cosmetics case, water supply and drain pipe, joint, etc.
C26000 and C27000 have good flaring and bending properties, drawability and suitable for plating.Applicable to heat exchanger, curtain rod, sanitary tube, parts for various apparatuses and machinery, antenna rod,etc.
C44300 and C68700 have good corrosion resistance,especially, C68700 has good corrosion resistance in sea water.Applicable to condenser for ship, heat and water supply, distillater, oil cooler, heat exchanger for desalinator or the like.


3.  Special Shape tubes

Specific character and Application:  According to your specifications and requirements

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