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Possessing the best Molybdenum plates rolling equipments in the country, with highest automation, largest thickness and width of plates and best plate precision, the independently developed production line for Molybdenum plates and rods can produce plate of 800mm wide but only 0.2mm thick.

Chemical Composition:


Mo Content

Total Content of Other Elements

Each Element Content





1.  Molybdenum Plate, Sheet


             - For producing electric light source parts, components of electric vacuum and electric power semiconductor.    

-            - For producing Mo-boats, heat shield and heat bodies in high temperature furnace

-            - Used to produce Sputtering Targets. 

     Size:  0.2~50mm(Thickness) x 50~800mm(Width) x 100~8000mm(Lengh)


2.  Molybdenum Rods


   - Suitable for producing ion implantation parts

   - For producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components

   - For producing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces

   - Used in glass and glass fiber industry, it can serve a long life in melted glass liquid at 1300?

   - Used as electrodes in the field of rare earth metal industry

  Type and Size: 



Swaged Rods

Straightened Rods after drawn

Ground or machined rods available





3.  Molybdenum Wires


     - For wire cutting machine

     - For producing electric light source parts and electric vaccum components.

     - For producing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces.

    - For spraying wear and tear parts of automobile and other machine to enhance their wearability.

    - La2O3 or Y2O3 doped Refractory Mo-wire are available.


4.  Special Shape Parts

      According to the demands of customers, all kinds of molybdenum products can be produced timely with

      superior quality.

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