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3-O-Ethyl-L-ascorbic acid

3-O-Ethyl-L-ascorbic acid, also call Vitamin C Ethyl Ether, it is a Vitamin C That Really Can Be Absorbed By The Skin. Effective Whitening And Freckle-Removing, Repair Skin Cell Activity, Promote The Production Of Collagen.


Product Introduction:

Vitamin C ethyl ether, a Vitamin C that really can be absorbed by the skin. It is one kind of Vitamin C ramification, both lipophilic and hydrophilic. It can easily penetrate the stratum corneum into the dermis, and easily be decomposed by biological enzymes to play the role of vitamin C. Whereas pure vitamin C cannot be absorbed into the skin.

Product specification:

Product name

3-O-Ethyl-L-ascorbic acid


Vitamin C Ethyl Ether

CAS Number


Molecular formula


Technical Data



Purity, %

99.0 min.

Melting point,?


Hydrogen ion concentration



Product Efficacy:

1. Inhibit the generation of melanin

2. Whitening and freckle-removing effects

3. Anti-aging

4. Protect DNA 

5. Stimulate Collagen Synthesis

6. Even Out Skin Tone

Product Application:

Widely used for cosmetics, especially whitening freckle cosmetics and anti-aging cosmetics.


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